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Working with top private companies' employees

Investment Philosophy

Equity-like returns with debt-like protective provisions

Secfi’s unique funnel gives our investment managers access to over 9,000 companies to invest in, with over $1BN of investment opportunities on an annual basis.

The investment manager through in deep industry knowledge and sector specific experience combined with its data access looks to invest in companies with:

  • Seasoned management team with a robust business model profile with >$200M+ in revenue
  • Top-line growth of at least 30%
  • Mature companies with strong VC-syndicate
  • Profitable or path to profitability in the near-term
  • Expected exit in the mid to near-term

Product type characteristics

Product Structure

Investment: Investor provides a cash advance

Secured by private shares: Advance value between 20 - 50 cents on the dollar relative to Secfi’s underwriting providing downside protection


PIK Interest: A “PIK” is due over the investment amount and accrues til exit, looking to provide credit-like returns.

Equity Fee: An “equity fee” is due over the full collateral pool, providing equity-like returns.

Potential benefits for the Investor

Exclusive Funnel: Secfi chooses to invest in only 1% of the more than 9,000 companies that have made financing requests.

Product Structure: In a down exit, Secfi’s product can usually recover the principle plus additional capital.


Exclusive access to co-investment opportunities

Secfi Asset Management investors will be granted exclusive access co-investment opportunities, being able to increase issuer-specific exposure based on investor’s own discretion.

sample of available options

How the Secfi Financing product works


An employee at a private company needs liquidity ahead of IPO.


The fund gives the employee liquidity using his shares as collateral.


Employee will repay at settlement with compounding interest and a portion of his shares.

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