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Working with top private companies' employees

We seek to leverage our position in private markets to yield attractive dealflow

Shareholders and private company employees face an equity dilemma, they are “paper rich” but cannot access liquidity from it. Secfi works with founders, management and employees of the most promising growth and late-stage companies to provide them with financing options, collateralized with their private company shares.

In turn, Secfi seeks to provide investors with structured exposure to private companies. Investors are able to access uncorrelated venture type assets that seek an attractive risk-reward profile thanks to the over-collateralization of transactions.


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Secfi Difference

What sets us apart

Differentiated deal flow

Secfi has developed a powerful engine to help generate demand, with over $72bn of registered equity on Secfi.com and with over 45,000 shareholders in the network.

Rigorous selection process

Over 9,000+ target investment companies, and after following a selective underwriting process, we invest in <1%.

Seeking equity-like returns & credit like protection

Secfi’s investment product seeks to yield a less volatile way to get into an attractive asset class, targeting venture-style returns with added private credit features such as interest accrual and downside protection.

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Our Offering

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Diversified Fund

A diversified portfolio of private companies that seek downside protection.

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Tailored SMA vehicles

Tailor a portfolio of private companies that seek limited downside risk.

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Secondary offering

Get exposure to private companies by buying pre-IPO equity.

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