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Stock Option Tax Calculator

See what it costs to exercise your stock options

The Stock Option Tax Calculator shows the costs to exercise your stock options, including taxes, based on your company's current valuation.

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Rayaan has 80,000 incentive stock options for a strike price of $4.18
Taxes and stock option exercise

Your tax amount changes with your company's valuation

Taxes can be the most expensive part of exercising your stock options — and the most unexpected. We'll break your exercise costs down to show you how it's determined, and how the cost can change if you wait to exercise.


How much will it cost to exercise my stock options?

What our clients say
I’ve had a lot of questions -- for example, I wondered at what point does the share price have to be in order to maximize the value - and the Secfi team walked me through the scenarios, which helped me feel good about my decision.
John, early employee at high-growth startup, San Francisco
What our clients say
Secfi felt like the safest option. There is upside and almost no downside, and I might as well play it safe.
Engineering leader at a pre-IPO startup
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