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Alternative Minimum Tax Calculator

Exercise ISOs without paying AMT

The AMT Calculator shows how many incentive stock options (ISOs) you can exercise in a calendar year without paying alternative minimum tax (AMT).

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Tax savings tip

How to avoid AMT

Every year, you can exercise a certain number of incentive stock options (ISOs) without paying the alternative minimum tax. See how many ISOs you can exercise this year without paying the AMT.

Tax savings with Alternative Minimum Tax Calculator.

How to avoid AMT when exercising your stock options

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What our clients say
The first time I exercised stock options, I got burned. The tax calculations can be so incredibly complicated. You've got to have a plan.
Startup employee from high-growth startup, San Francisco
Secfi was one of the only places I could find that could give me accurate calculations on AMT.
Early HR employee at pre-IPO startup
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