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Financial peace of mind

We understand you have unique needs

We recognize the distinct financial landscape of startup executives and offer solutions that cater to your individual goals and challenges. Our approach is tailored to address the complexities and opportunities of your position.

We'll take care of it

Entrust your financial management to our team of specialists who are dedicated to handling every aspect of your wealth management. From strategic investment planning to personalized tax optimization, we ensure every detail is meticulously managed for your benefit.

So you can relax and enjoy

With your financial affairs in our capable hands, you're free to focus on what matters most to you. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your wealth is growing and being managed, allowing you to savor life's moments without financial worry.


Solutions tailored just for you

Comprehensive tax planning

We're equipped to handle the intricate tax situations unique to executives. Including expertise in QSBS and equity sale strategies for tax minimization.

Advice on real estate purchases

Aid in challenges founders face in real estate, from securing mortgages to considering different ownership structures.

Asset protection, insurance & estate

Tailored insurance and estate planning recommendations to secure your financial legacy.

Ongoing equity planning recommendations

Continual guidance on your equity, sales strategy to minimize taxes and advice on optimal structuring of new equity grants.

And much more...

Advanced legacy planning
Forward looking strategies to help preserve your wealth for future generations, ensuring a lasting and impactful financial legacy.
Investment Management
Develop a personalized investment portfolio that complements your risk tolerance and financial objectives, looking to ensure a balanced approach to wealth growth.
Charitable strategies
Wide range of charitable giving solutions that reflect your values and maximize the impact of your philanthropic efforts.
Angel investing advice & support
Leverage our knowledge in angel investing to navigate this exciting avenue.

A modern approach to investing backed by time-tested strategies

It’s complementary to your equity

Most of our clients own a stake in the company they work for or founded. We seek to build portfolios to help complement the risk you take as a shareholder in your company.

It’s adjustable

Your portfolio adapts to your changing situation. For example, after a liquidity event, your portfolio may evolve to suit your new circumstances, goals, and risk capacity.

It’s transparent and educational

We do what we say we will do. We educate you on the rationale behind the strategy, the expected outcomes, and the range of possible outcomes. We look to have a well considered economic reason for every choice we make.

It’s built on financial evidence, research, and theory

Our approach was developed by John Morrison, CFA, based on academic research and practical experience at Dimensional Fund Advisors, Goldman Sachs, Bain, and more. Our goal is to outperform index funds over the long-run by managing your risk factors, compounding returns, and rebalancing as needed.

Our team of experienced Wealth Management professionals

Get acquainted with our dedicated professionals who bring a wealth of experience and personalized care to every aspect of your financial journey.

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"Clients get a holistic experience with Secfi, we seek to understand you and build a comprehensive tax, savings, and portfolio strategy that makes you better off."
Head of Portfolio Management
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Manager, Financial Advisory
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Manager, Financial Advisory
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Senior Client Operations Manager

We act in your best interest

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Empower Your Employees

Equity education & planning for employees

We work with your company to provide your employees with equity education, financial planning, and stock option financing so they can make the most of their equity.

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It starts with a conversation

If most of your financial assets are tied up in your company stock, you are not alone. No question is too big or small.

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