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Your future equity plans, now at your fingertips

“What if I exercise my options early?”
“What if my company goes bust?”
“What if I wait forever to exercise these options?”

These types of questions run through startup employees' heads everyday. Our free, self-guided Equity Planner helps you quickly get a personalized big-picture of your equity to make your best possible decision.

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Our Equity Planner guides you through each step as you enter all your details.

In under 10 minutes you’ll have a full view of all your equity opportunities — side by side for your own comparison.

A no-cost, private way to analyze your equity

The first ever DIY Equity Planner, built for you

Easily create and compare different plans like exercising your equity now versus waiting until your company goes public, or selling shares you already own instead of holding them long term.

As the market changes, you may need to alter your equity plan. Your data is securely saved in your account, so you can update your plan anytime to be sure your approach is still right for you.

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