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More likely to join a startup that offers equity education*


Feel more valued with equity education*


More likely to stay when equity is understood*

Putting it in perspective

Exercising stock options ranks as a top lifetime expense

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Exercising stock options may be one of the largest expenses to make (especially because costs are paid all at once, not over time)*

*Cars (Statista 2020), Education based on costs of a 4 year private degree (educationdata.org), Pension based on college grad (Transamerica center for retirement studies,18th Annual Transamerica Retirement Survey), Children (USDA, Expenditures on Children by Families, 2015), House, median sales price US houses (US Census Bureau, 2020), Exercise stock options: Secfi, as of Nov 20, 2020. Based on the household income (married, filing jointly) of 992 individuals from 69 companies in California (65%), New York (10%) and other U.S. states (25%).

Program highlights

You source the talent. We supply equity expertise. Together, we'll make stock options make sense.

  • Employee education sessions
  • Equity planning tools and advice
  • Personalized financial planning
  • Exercise and liquidity financing
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What our clients say
At our company, I am the HR department so people come to me about their equity. I need help, helping them.
Early HR employee at pre-IPO startup
I knew if I made the right decisions about my stock options, it meant building wealth for me and my family... but it meant putting in money somewhere that I wasn’t going to see a return for, potentially a long time. And so that non-recourse financing option was really important.
Early HR employee at a high growth, pre-IPO startup

It’s easy to get started

  • Employees retain full ownership of shares
  • No change to capitalization table
  • No need to pay back until an exit
  • No impact on 409A valuation