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Secfi Financing benefits

Company friendly structure

Our structure requires no pledge or transfer of shares and abides by all company restrictions. The employee retains full rights and ownership of the shares.

Financial wellness benefit

Secfi handles all operational aspects of the financing. We also provide employee education around equity and have in-house financial and tax advisors.

Cash now with no personal recourse

Employees receive cash today and pay back only upon a successful exit in the future so they are not jeopardizing their current financial position nor their financial future.

Employees can seek to maximize value of their equity

By exercising today, employees can sell in a potentially favorable tax situation upon exit. Plus, they retain the upside in the shares.

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Secfi Financing FAQs

What's next

Our approach

Company criteria

Our financing offering is for late stage companies approaching exit in the next few years.

Our light-touch process

We understand that you are building a fast growing startup and we aim to keep our process simple and transparent.

Underwriting criteria

We operate off existing materials and keep company involvement to a minimum. Our process takes 2-3 weeks on average.

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