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    Sign in and request financing

    Create your Secfi account and add your equity details. We'll review your request. If approved, we'll send you a financing proposal for a cash advance, a loan, or both.

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    Review and accept your proposal

    Your personal equity proposal includes all details up front, like applicable rates and fees, your potential gains, and your repayment schedule.

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    Sign contracts and receive financing

    You receive cash to use for liquidity or to exercise your stock options - including related taxes and fees.

The Leader in Equity Planning

Our team of Equity Strategists have worked with thousands of startup employees and equity structures of all kinds.


If nothing else -- we want you to understand your stock options, and prepare a solid plan for your equity.


When it comes to your financial future, security is paramount. Secfi Securities, LLC and its representatives are registered under our broker-dealer license and regulated by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).


No surprises here. Our Equity Strategists walk you through your custom financing or loan proposal — including Secfi’s rates and fees — and what each fee means, so you can make confident, well-informed decisions about your equity.

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Get cash by selling your private stock

We help you sell your private startup stock through our network of secondary markets, partners, and buyers.

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