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Secfi Wealth

Secfi Wealth is a brand name for investment advisory products and services, including financial planning and investment management, offered by Secfi Advisory Limited exclusively to Clients under an in-force Agreement. Secfi Advisory Limited is an SEC-registered investment adviser and is a separately managed, wholly-owned subsidiary of Secfi, Inc.

Access important information in our Form ADV Part 2 and learn more about Secfi Advisory Limited in our Client Relationship Summary.

Private Funds - Secfi Financing

Secfi Advisory Limited (an SEC-registered investment adviser) and Secfi Limited (an exempt reporting adviser regulated by the SEC, and a separately managed, wholly-owned subsidiary of Secfi, Inc.) (together, the “Advisers”) provide discretionary and non-discretionary investment advice to private funds. Specifically, each Adviser is an investment adviser to certain pooled investment vehicles (each, a "Fund") managed by the Adviser or an affiliate or a third-party manager (the "Fund Manager"). Each Fund has been or will be formed by the Fund Manager for various purposes, including but not limited to, acquiring exposure to the stock ("Shares") of late-stage and growth-stage private technology companies ("Companies"), typically held by the employees or former employees of such companies who are seeking liquidity ("Shareholders").

The Advisers provide investment advisory services to the Funds with respect to the recommendation of certain Private Securities Contracts in order to facilitate each Fund’s desired exposure to the relevant Companies. The advisory services performed by each Adviser may be limited to recommending, arranging and negotiating Private Securities Contracts on behalf of a Fund or may involve the selection of Private Securities Contracts for investment on a discretionary basis. In each case, the Funds are the Advisers’ clients; Shareholders are not customers or clients of the Advisers as related to a Secfi Financing transaction. Unless otherwise agreed under an in-force Agreement, the Advisers do not provide any type of investment, securities, tax, or brokerage advice or services to the Shareholders in any capacity. Additional information can be found in the Secfi Securities Regulation Best Interest FAQs here.