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Private Securities Contracts and Secfi Loans are private securities brokered by Secfi Securities, LLC, an SEC-registered broker-dealer, Member FINRA / SIPC, and a separately managed, wholly-owned subsidiary of Secfi, Inc.

Private Securities Contracts

As used herein, "non-recourse" means that a Shareholder is not personally liable for the difference between the value of the advance made to Shareholder and the value of their applicable equity upon an issuer liquidity event, or absence of such event. Terms and conditions apply as detailed in each Private Securities Contract. As private securities, Private Securities Contracts are highly speculative, may be less liquid than public securities, and you should discuss the objectives and risks with your investment, tax, and legal advisors before investing.

Private Funds - Secfi Financing

Secfi Advisory Limited (an SEC-registered investment adviser) and Secfi Limited (an exempt reporting adviser regulated by the SEC) are separately managed, wholly-owned subsidiaries of Secfi, Inc. (together, “the “Advisers”) provide discretionary and non-discretionary investment advice to private funds. The Advisers are affiliates of Secfi Securities, LLC.

Specifically, each Adviser is an investment adviser to certain pooled investment vehicles (each, a "Fund") managed by the Adviser or an affiliate or a third-party manager (the "Fund Manager"). Each Fund has been or will be formed by the Fund Manager for various purposes, including but not limited to, acquiring exposure to the stock ("Shares") of late-stage and growth-stage private technology companies ("Companies"), typically held by the employees or former employees of such companies who are seeking liquidity ("Shareholders").