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Q3 2023 Product Update

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Track your financial assets, including your startup equity

Startup equity is often left out of financial planning, or overlooked, because it’s not fully understood. We’re changing that.

The Secfi Portfolio is our newest tool to help all startup employees — from individual contributor to founder — gain better insights so you can make better financial decisions. No more toggling between asset trackers or doing (gasp!) napkin math.

Simply sign into your account to:

  • See the current, and historical, value of your startup stock options.
  • See how important events, like grant cliffs, funding rounds, and more impact your equity’s valuation with event markers.
  • Connect your other financial accounts (securely) to understand how your financial portfolio breaks down across assets.

We’re also introducing the Industry Index, which shows you the value of your equity based on comps of comparable publicly traded companies. That means you’ll see two potential valuations: the Industry Index and the valuation based on the preferred price. The Industry Index is currently in beta and we will be rolling it out for more companies.

See your portfolio.

Secondary market sales

We can now help you sell your pre-IPO shares on the secondary market.

It’s something that many have been asking us for over the years because navigating secondary markets can be complicated, complex, and time consuming.

So we’re making it easier for those that are looking to get cash today by being your partner throughout the entire process:

  • Helping you find a buyer.
  • Helping you negotiate a price with buyers by leveraging our expertise and knowledge of startups and secondary markets.
  • Helping you navigate restrictions and/or contractual and legal obligations with your company.
  • Helping you understand any potential tax liability or fees from a sale.

If you’re interested in exploring a potential secondary sale, you can submit your interest below.

Submit your interest here.

Equity Compensation Calculator

Our newest calculator helps you understand, and compare, job offers that include equity compensation. You can see what your equity could be worth after an exit event (like an IPO), to easily assess the potential value of an offer.

Sign in to access it for free.

Brand new sign in page

We’ve redesigned our logged in experience to make it easier for you to find what you need.

The new homepage is your control center to:

  • Find shortcuts to any active financing requests.
  • Get a snapshot of the total value of your assets (including equity).
  • Quickly access all our tools and calculators.
  • Easily read all our educational content.

Try it out!

Reschedule missed calls

Miss a call with an Equity Strategist for financing or a secondary sale? Or need to reschedule a call with your Secfi Wealth financial advisor? Hey, it happens to the best of us. 😉

So we’ve made it easy for you to reschedule any meeting you have, whether it’s with our financing or Wealth team, directly from the dashboard. Voila!

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New Secfi Wealth request process

For those wanting to speak with one of our financial advisors, we’ve made it easier to get ahead of your first call.

We typically ask for some prior information to ensure the first call runs smoothly and is focused on what matters most to you. Now, you can easily upload and track all of the pre-insights call tasks in your dashboard.

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