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The benefits of liquidity financing

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Liquidity - Secfi Financing

Get cash from your stock options without paying out of pocket — or at all — until your company exits (such as an IPO).

  • Your equity is the only collateral, meaning your personal assets are not on the line.
  • Only pay it back if your company has an exit - like an IPO or acquisition.
  • Financing fees may be able to be deducted from tax return after repayment.
  • No credit check needed.
introducing secondaries

Sell shares with expert assistance to 3rd party buyers

Don’t want to wait for your company to IPO? We can help you sell your private startup stock through our network of 3rd party partners and secondary markets.

Startup employee
What our clients say
This is a huge responsibility because if I do it right, it impacts my children and their children. Financing with Secfi is a no-brainer.
Joe, startup employee at leading pre-IPO startup
San Francisco

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