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Working with top private companies' employees

Investment Structure

Tailoring a vehicle to gain access to private markets

Secfi Asset Management, through its Separate Managed Vehicles offers investors the possibility to create a curated fund with a dedicated portfolio management team around it, offering investors:

  • Flexible structuring options
  • Customized strategies with a specific investment thesis to meet investor's needs
  • Management of vehicle according to customized defined parameters

Product type characteristics

Product Structure

Investment: Investor provides a cash advance

Secured by private shares: Advance value between 20 - 50 cents on the dollar relative to Secfi’s underwriting providing downside protection


PIK Interest: A “PIK” is due over the investment amount and accrues til exit, looking to provide credit-like returns.

Equity Fee: An “equity fee” is due over the full collateral pool, providing equity-like returns.

Potential benefits for the Investor

Exclusive Funnel: Secfi chooses to invest in only 1% of the more than 9,000 companies that have made financing requests.

Product Structure: In a down exit, Secfi’s product recovers the principle plus additional capital.


Exclusive access to co-investment opportunities

Secfi Asset Management investors will be granted exclusive access co-investment opportunities, being able to increase issuer-specific exposure based on investor’s own discretion.

sample of available options

How the Secfi Financing product works


An employee at a private company needs liquidity ahead of IPO.


The fund gives the employee liquidity using his shares as collateral.


Employee will repay at settlement with compounding interest and a portion of his shares.

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