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Daffy and Secfi announce partnership to make charitable giving simple for startup employees

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We are excited to announce that we have chosen Daffy, the Donor-Advised Fund for You™, as our preferred donor-advised fund for our Secfi Wealth clients. Now startup professionals working with a Secfi financial advisor will have complimentary access to Daffy’s modern platform for charitable giving.

Our goal is to make it easier for our clients to make charitable donations to their favorite U.S. charity, non-profit, school, religious institution, or more. Daffy’s all-in-one app makes giving simple, allowing members to seamlessly contribute an unlimited amount of cash, stocks, ETFS, and crypto in seconds.

Since launching Secfi Wealth in 2022, more than 40% of our RIA clients have made charitable contributions to give back to causes they care about, while also lowering their tax bill. And Daffy members saved over $2 million in taxes in 2021 by contributing to their favorite charities and causes.

The financial benefits of contributing to a donor-advised fund (DAF) include:

  • Immediate income tax deductions
  • No capital gains taxes when donating long-term appreciated stock, ETFS, or crypto
  • Qualify for itemized deductions by bunching two or more years of charitable contributions

Secfi Wealth clients will also have complimentary access to Daffy for Families, allowing them to invite up to 24 family members to make donations with them.

"Startup equity is an important gateway to future wealth,” said Daffy’s Co-founder & CEO, Adam Nash. “Through our partnership with Secfi, we're thrilled to offer Daffy members discounted access to specialized expertise in pre-and post-IPO equity planning, stock option exercise strategies, tax planning, and investment diversification strategies.”

"Most financial advisors are aware of the incredible financial and tax benefits of donor-advised funds, but are frustrated with the high fees, archaic technology, and lack of innovation from legacy DAF providers,” said Daffy’s Co-founder & CEO, Adam Nash. “Through our partnership with Secfi, we're excited to continue expanding access to DAFs and making it simple and hassle-free for any advisor to incorporate charitable giving into their clients' financial plans.”

The power of donor-advised funds for charities, and your financial plan

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is like a 401K for retirement, or a 529 plan for college, for charity. DAFs are similar tax-advantaged financial accounts, though often less known and, often, marketed exclusively to the ultra-wealth. With Daffy, our goal is to change that and give our RIA clients access to do good while seeing the tax and financial benefits of donating.

Last year, Daffy CEO and co-founder Adam Nash spoke with Chris Arnold, our Lead Financial Advisor, about the history of DAFs, the tax benefits, and why they can be key to a sound financial plan.

“Giving back is a value inherent to our Secfi Wealth clients and a critical part of their financial plan. By partnering with Daffy, our advisors have access to a best-in-class donor-advised fund provider that’s constantly innovating, and our clients can regularly support the organizations that are most important to them while at the same time improving their tax situation through one seamless platform,” said Frederik Mijnhardt, CEO of Secfi.

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