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Changing jobs? Should you exercise? How to minimize taxes?

Stock options can unlock financial possibilities but knowing how can be challenging. Our financial advisors know equity and startups like the back of their hand, to help you make the right decisions and get set up for financial success.

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Get a concrete plan that’ll grow with you

  • Holistic financial review

    We start with a financial review, including your cash flow analysis, how stock options fit in, and your future financial goals, to be sure equity decisions are set in the context of your full financial picture.

  • Equity planning and evaluation

    Next, we’ll evaluate your equity grant including a 409A valuation analysis, model multiple strategies for exercising your stock options, and discuss tender offer or secondary sale decisions.

  • Liquidity and IPO planning

    We’ll build a comprehensive plan for your stock options, shares, and/or RSUs, including a company exit analysis, exercise plan, sell/hold strategy, risk hedging plan, and ways to minimize taxes. Plus, we can also prepare and file your taxes for an additional fee.

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Will I owe taxes when I exercise my stock options?

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PS. As an independent RIA, we also provide comprehensive financial planning, and investment management.

Our team of advisors provide startup builders with equity planning, financial advice, investment management, and opportunities to get exclusive access to private market investments.

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  • Equity and tax planning
  • IPO and liquidity planning
  • Ongoing financial planning
  • Investment management