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Discover the impact of long-term and short-term capital gains

The higher your company valuation gets, the higher your taxes will usually be when you exercise your stock options. Use our Exercise Timing Planner to see whether you can save on taxes by exercising now.


Compare long-term vs. short-term capital gains strategies

Detailed breakdown of potential costs and gains

Plan ahead by modeling potential future gains. Adjust your company's exit value and see how your exercise and tax costs change vs your potential gains.

Explore potential taxes based on future share growth

Get an idea of how different company valuations or price per share can impact your current or future tax bill.

Effortless data import from Carta

Easily import your equity data from Carta with just a few clicks, ensuring that all your information is up-to-date and accurately reflected in your tax calculations.

Liquidity solution

Need help covering the cost of exercising?

Exercising stock options can be one of the biggest financial costs you'll ever face. It’s a big decision and we’re here to help - from equity planning to stock option financing.

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